Membership Categories

Life Member :
Any person, who is qualified to be admitted as an ordinary member may by a single payment of an amount as laid down in the bylaws, be admitted as a Life Member.
Institutional Member:
Any institution may be elected as a Institution Member of the Society according to the procedure laid down in the bylaws. The term “Institution” shall be deemed to include any public or private company, a firm, a society registered under any law, a duly constituted trust, a statutory body, any association or organization set-up under an Act of Parliament or a State Government dealing Medicine, Engineering and any other allied disciplines.
Honorary Life Member:
Any person who is a renowned scientist or who has served in an outstanding manner the cause of telemedicine/ tele health may be elected according to the procedure laid down in the bylaws.
Overseas Member:  
Shall consist of individuals from countries outside India who meet all the same qualifications of Life member. They are not eligible for election as officers, shall not have attendance requirements and will be subject to dues at Life member rate.